San Fernando Lanterns

They have gone a long, long way. The lanterns of San Fernando or the Parul Sampernandu, as local folks would call them, has travelled not only in the country but also in other parts of the world. They shine not only in the land where they were made but elsewhere.
The lanterns of San Fernando, Pampanga form part of the Kapampangan culture and history. They were conceptualized, made and re-made for several years now. They humbly started as bamboo sticks and Japanese colored paper in crude but elegant designs that shine like a speck in the sky on a starry night.
Kapampangan ingenuity, perhaps, made lantern makers to use other materials such as tie wires and colored plastics that replaced the bamboo sticks and the colored papers. Other materials such as capiz shells are likewise used nowadays. Other lanterns are adorned by Christmas lights to add glitter to the lantern bulbs that wink.
History shows that Kapampangan craftsmen have “invented” lanterns to symbolize the biblical star that guided and led the three wise men to the stable where Christ was born. Through the years, the lantern became a symbol of Christmas.
For Kapampangans, the lanterns are more than just a symbol of Christmas. They are an industry now. While they are mere “seasonal products”, they rake in thousands of pesos in earnings including those which are exported to other countries. The latter are dollar makers for some.
Lanterns also symbolize Kapampangans’ reverence to the nativity that without the Christmas star (which the lanterns signify), the holy occasion wouldn’t be complete. The people of Pampanga are generally religious. Such religiosity enjoins Kapampangans in the Christian world’s celebration of Christ’s birth.
Last Monday, 30 Christmas lanterns shone at the chancery grounds of the Philippine Embassy in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Over the years, there were a number of San Fernando lanterns that were lit in different private and government offices in other parts of the globe.
Malaysia is a Muslim-dominated country, yet San Fernando lanterns made their way in being lighted up at our Embassy in the said country. They represent not only the Kapampangans but likewise the whole country, Philippines.
The recently held competition in the Giant Lantern Festival of the city has drawn crowds from all walks of life. Barangay Del Pilar has regained its crown as the best, the brightest of them all. The annual competition is just one of the highlights of the Christmas celebration in Pampanga.
If one would like to see how giant the San Fernando giant lanterns are, they are still on display at one of the giant malls in the city. They continue to light up the night, complementing the festive mood of the yuletide. In their kaleidoscopic designs, they continue to impress people as they also showcase Kapampangans’ ingenuity when it comes to lantern-making.
As the day nears, I take this opportunity to greet all the readers of my column a very Merry Christmas to all. Let us live the meaning of Christ’s birth by emulating the goodness our Savior has done for mankind.
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