Food and Beverage

The main dining outlet at Clearwater Resort is the Park Café which serves breakfasts and lunches.   Group dinners and advanced reservations for alfresco dinners are also accepted in advance.  Park Café serves up quality meals in a relaxed and laidback casual-dining fashion.   Guests opting to be seated in the patio can enjoy a panoramic view of the lake in Clearwater Resort.

On the other end of the resort is another dining outlet called Nam Shan.   This restaurant is operated by a team of native Korean chefs and servers.  The cuisine is true to form and it is certainly worth a visit for guests who have a penchant for Asian cuisines.   Just call up Reception to assist you with booking a table.

Guests who are in the mood for a memorable dinner at a fine-dining restaurant would be pleased to know that a sister company of Clearwater Resort, and also a member of the YATS Group of Companies, is YATS Restaurant and Wine Lounge.   YATS is well regarded by foodies for its French Continental cuisine that features gourmet imported ingredients.  This restaurant which is located inside Mimosa Golf Estate, just a few minutes up the road from Clearwater, is a popular place for wine lovers making a point to drop in for a bottle selected from its award-winning restaurant wine list with over 2500 selections.  Again, just call up Reception to organize a reservation for you.

And if these outlets can’t satisfy your culinary desires, guests of Clearwater would be pleased to know that the resort is situated in the heart of the central business district, literally walking distance to the row of duty-free shopping malls.  Certainly, there are eateries and fast-food outlets somewhere around the neighborhood.