Several styles of accommodations exist in various locations in Clearwater, each offering a different experience. Rooms are basic but functional, comfortable but not luxurious, cozy and quite spacious. Rates vary slightly. In addition to these hotel-styled lodgings, Clearwater offers camping grounds in the Brunello Gardens for guests to pitch their own tents.

Many visitors describe Clearwater Resort as a unique hotel in Clark Philippines not only because of the ambience created by the hotel lake, beach and picnic grounds but also the many styles of hotel rooms available throughout this resort. Each hotel accommodation such as the hotel’s lodge by the lake for example, offers a distinct ambience and rustic charm that creates a different experience. Clearwater Resort is indeed different from other hotels and resorts in Clark Philippines and Angeles City. It is a hotel inside a clean and quiet suburban country park. Hotel rooms are basic and functional, no fancy decoration, just the basic hotel amenities.

Lakeside Lodge

Family Inn Cabins

Outback Tents

Deluxe Single Cottage

Deluxe Family Cottage

Lake House Cabins


Family Cabins


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