Working at South Australian winemaker Penfolds in 1936, Dr Beckwith, a scientist whose innovations laid the foundations of the Australian wine industry, hit upon the idea of using pH — a measure of acidity — as a means of preventing the microbial spoilage that had until then ruined 30 per cent of its annual production.
Unlike in Europe, where grapes are naturally high in acid, Australia’s warm climate typically produces low-acid fruit that is vulnerable to attack from bacteria.
Without Dr Beckwith’s pioneering methods of adding tartaric acid — a compound naturally found in grapes — to adjust pH, many of Australia’s current winemaking zones would be unable to produce wine of saleable quality.
Dr Beckwith worked closely with Penfold’s chief winemaker Max Schubert, who in 1951 created the first vintage of what would become Australia’s most famous wine, Grange.
Andrew Caillard, partner with fine-wine auctioneers Langton’s, said it was unlikely Grange would have become the icon it has without Dr Beckwith’s contribution. “Without Ray, there would be no Grange as we know it today,” he said, in reference to the wine’s ability to survive decades of cellaring. “His contribution was massive; he was the science behind the art.”
Wine microbiologist at Charles Sturt University Dr Leigh Schmidtke said that before Dr Beckwith’s innovations winemakers relied on fortifying wine with alcohol to keep it from spoiling — which effectively limited production to port and sherry. “His work . . . laid the foundations for a table wine industry in Australia to succeed,” he said.
Dr Beckwith’s contribution to the industry went largely unrecognised until 2008, when he was honoured with the Medal of the Order of Australia — 35 years after he had retired.
Penfold’s current chief winemaker, Peter Gago, will celebrate the milestone with Dr Beckwith at a private function tomorrow. “He unravelled the mystery, he’s a genuine legend,” he said.
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