Fireworks, revelry gunfire injure 476

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Monday, January 2, 2012
MANILA (Updated 1:15 p.m.) — Illegal firecrackers and celebratory gunfire in the Philippines injured 476 people during New Year’s Day, and the number is 13 percent lower compared to last year’s 546, the Health department said Sunday.
The figure is also 11 percent lower compared to the five-year (2006-2010) annual average of 536.
The Department of Health (DOH) said as of 6 a.m. Sunday 454 injuries of the 476 were fireworks related, 18 from stray bullets and four from firework ingestion.

The most number of firework related injuries came from the National Capital Region (NCR), 298 or 66 percent, Calabarzon, 29 or six percent, and Ilocos Region, 28 or six percent.
The NCR also had the most number of injuries from stray bullets, 12 or 67 percent.
“These are partial reports even as we appeal to those injured at home to seek consultation and to the public to clear the streets of remnants of blasted fireworks to prevent children from getting injured when picking on unexploded fireworks,” Health Secretary Enrique Ona said.
Among firework related injuries, males were mostly affected, 364 or 80 percent, while the age group 1-10 years, 177 or 37 percent, and 11-20 years, 129 or 27 percent, outnumbered other age groups.
There were more active users than passive stand-by and the injuries resulted in minor burns, blast, cuts, eye burns, abrasions, lacerations and amputations and disarticulations.
The top five injury-causing fireworks were Piccolo, Kwitis, Fountain, Five Star and Luces. There were more injuries from legal fireworks than illegal fireworks, the DOH said.
In support of the DOH campaign on Aksiyon Paputok Injury Reduction (Apir), the Manila government passed an ordinance that held parents legally responsible for the injuries of their children.
Meanwhile, the Department of Interior and Local Government reported 54 people arrested for possession and sale of illegal fireworks.
“Still worrisome is the number of injuries from stray bullets,” Ona said, adding that the DILG reported eight incidents of indiscriminate firing and 13 persons were arrested.
“We really need to impose stricter control on indiscriminate firing of guns to avoid these injuries to hapless individuals,” said Ona.
The Apir injury surveillance will last until January 5 for acute injuries and until January 21 for tetanus cases.
Many Filipinos, largely influenced by Chinese tradition, believe that noisy New Year’s celebrations drive away evil and misfortune. But they have carried that superstition to extremes, exploding huge firecrackers and firing guns to welcome the New Year despite threats of arrest. One particularly huge triangular firecracker is labeled: “Goodbye Philippines.”
Although the number of injuries has tapered off in recent years, largely due to hard economic times and the government’s scare campaign, the figures remain alarming.
“Doctors are waiting with surgical saws, bone cutters and drills in case your fingers need to be amputated,” Tayag said in a television interview to dissuade illegal fireworks. “I hope this won’t happen.”
Red Cross official Gwendolyn Pang said about 3,500 blood bags were prepared by her group for expected emergency surgeries, adding that she was most concerned with celebratory gunfire.
Dozens of hospitals nationwide were on full alert, their emergency rooms staffed with trauma doctors for the expected influx of injured revelers.
The government has gone to extremes to discourage dangerous celebrations. The health department has shown gory pictures of mangled hands and eyes in posters in the past but the violent tradition has continued.
Philippine National Police Chief Nicanor Bartolome warned policemen of immediate dismissal and criminal prosecution if they fire their guns to welcome the New Year. However, at least three policemen were reported to have violated the warning and were under investigation.
Bartolome led officers in sealing the muzzles of guns of policemen with masking tape and then signing them in a symbolic warning to would-be violators.
He said 45 people were already arrested for violating Republic Act 7183 or the manufacturing, distribution, sale, possession and use of illegal firecrackers.
Instead of lighting up dangerous firecrackers, Tayag urged Filipinos to troop to public squares to watch colorful fireworks. He also unveiled a new tactic: a free CD that contains thundering sound of the most powerful firecrackers popular among revelers.
More than 50,000 people have downloaded the firecracker audio file from the health department website, he said
In Davao City, Vice Mayor Rodrigo Duterte is offering P3,000 cash to any information on violators of the city’s firecracker ban as the world ushers in the New Year.
In his television program program “Gikan sa Masa, Para sa Masa” that was taped Friday but will be aired on Sunday, Duterte said all the informants have to do is text the authorities about violators and show to him proof they indeed own the number that texted the authorities.(AP/BOT/Sunnex)

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