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Garden Café Patio

The Garden Café Patio of Clearwater Resort is frequently used for small gatherings, group dinners and evening parties. Event planners often choose to organize small parties and group dinners at the Garden Café and Patio especially if the activities extend into the evening. Located at the reception office of the resort, it is convenient for […]

Discovery Island

The Discovery Island of Clearwater Resort is lauded by event organizers for the ambience and privacy that this event venue offers. This event venue is unique even within Clearwater Resort which offers many different kinds of outdoor venues suitable for team building, picnics, camping and sports outings. The Discovery Island is one venue for outdoor […]


Discovery Cove Two

Discovery Two is one of those charming venues in Clearwater Resort that event organizers consider to be quite unique among outdoor event venues near Manila . Tugged away to the right of the white sand beach, Discovery Two gives participants an “island” feel although it has water on two sides. Discovery Two is located next […]


Discovery Cove One

Discovery One is one of the largest event venues in Clearwater Resort. Like the large Brunello Garden venue, Discovery One can accommodate large groups of over 3000 participants. Manila companies struggle to find large private venues near Manila discover the Discover One event venue of Clearwater Resort is perfect for this requirement. This 3-hectare venue […]


Campfire Grounds

Campfire Grounds of Clearwater Resort is a popular venue for team building and events that feature the fun of outdoor living. It is also the only venue within this resort in Pampanga that cooking is permitted. Already well known among organizations like boy scouts, the camping grounds of Clearwater Resort are preferred by campers looking […]

Brunello Gardens

The Brunello Garden of Clearwater Resort is the largest venue of the resort capable of accommodating well over 3000 participants without making any single guest feel cramped for space. Manila companies struggle to find large private venues near Manila discover the Brunello Garden of Clearwater Resort. This 2-hectare venue can comfortably accommodate 3000 participants. Many […]

Frolic Gardens

The Frolic Garden of Clearwater Resort is one of the most frequently booked venue for functions and outdoor events that require a sense of tranquility, privacy and being close to nature. Croquet Lawn and Lake at Frolic Garden The Frolic Gardens of Clearwater Resort is a faithful rendition of the laidback, suburban lifestyle that Clark […]

Peninsula By the Lake

The Peninsula by the Lake of Clearwater Resort is frequently used for company outings and school picnics. The Peninsula picnic ground is a very popular venue for all sorts of events particularly school picnics and company outings. This event venue is located between the Amphitheatre and the Frolic Gardens, two of the most sought after […]

Amphitheatre by the Lake

The Amphitheatre Outdoor Event Venue is popular among event planners organizing team building and other functions or gatherings for groups of 80 to 180. The Amphitheatre event venue is situated by the lake of Clearwater Resort. It is located near the Lakeside Lodges and is adjacent to the Peninsula event venue. Ideal for groups of […]