Brunello Gardens

The Brunello Garden of Clearwater Resort is the largest venue of the resort capable of accommodating well over 3000 participants without making any single guest feel cramped for space.

Picnic Event at Brunello Garden

Manila companies struggle to find large private venues near Manila discover the Brunello Garden of Clearwater Resort. This 2-hectare venue can comfortably accommodate 3000 participants. Many event organizers regard this event venue as their top choice for large groups exceeding 1000 persons especially if the event requires privacy and exclusive use of such a large venue.

The Brunello Garden is a good example of the ambience that Clark is famous for. Participants feel relaxed in a stress-free environment allowing them to unwind and enjoy the natural ambience of a garden setting. Large Acacia trees provide shading to all parts of the venue.

The Brunello Garden can accommodate groups of 300 to 3000. Overnight hotel accommodation is available at Clearwater Resort, the nearest to this event venue are Family Inn Cabins, The Duplex and the Bunk Cottages.

Safe and secure picnic grounds in Clearwater Resort Clark Pampanga

The Frolic Garden event venue is highly recommended by event organizers for these purposes:

Company Outings

Team Building

School Picnics


Wedding Receptions


Birthdays and Anniversaries

Brunello Gardens with swing

Venue Rental Charge: Php 30,000.00

Admission Charges included : 120 persons

Admission Charges for extra participants: 300/person

Toilet Facilities: Toliet facilities are available at the Brunello Garden and also at the Locker House just a few steps away.

For those events that require function room for indoor programs, located at the Brunello Garden is the Brunello Function Room. The Brunello Function Room is ideal for seminars, meetings and workshops and can accommodate up to 80-120 pax (depending on seating arrangement and set-up).

Brunello Function Room Rental Fees:

  1. Strictly for Meetings/Workshops
    Php 9,000.00  for 4 hours
    Php 15,000.00 for 8 hours
    Php 19,000.00 for 12 hours
  2. Meeting/Workshops with use of swimming facilities: Venue Charge plus admission fee of Php 300.00/head.

Brunello Garden Function Room

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