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The exact definition of Glamping is still a little vague. And it probably should be since this is really not an Olympic sport nor do participants win medals and certificates. Glamping in Philippines, however is fast becoming a fad for families living under great stress in crowded cities like Manila and Cebu.

An article published on the internet by Wanderlust Hospitality, titled “The Top Three Misconceptions about Glamping” could be useful reading for Glamping newbies in the Philippines. Manila campers would do well to gain better insight towards this new fad in outdoor activities before going shopping for expensive gears in various shopping malls in Makati and BGC.

The Glamping article starts by observing that there are a number of “interesting interpretations of the word ‘glamping’ that don’t quite line up with the truth about the sort of outdoors we serve up”. It went on to outline three general misconceptions about Glamping.

1. Glamping is only for my rich uncle

While Glamping equipment is not cheap in the Philippines it is nothing compared to other so-called rich man’s sports such as golf, yacht, riding and even motor sports.

2. Glamping is not camping

“We take this one personally, of course it’s camping.” The article retorted. While it can be argued that Glamping takes the hardship out of camping but it doesn’t prevent campers from enjoying the outdoors as much as in regular camping trips.

3. Glamping takes you away from nature

If being with nature means sleepless nights, bug bites and aching muscles in the morning, then perhaps there is a point there somewhere. However here in the Philippines, nature is wild and awake everywhere campers go. A nice cabin tent filled with comfortable furniture is not enough to take nature out of the equation for glamping in the Philippines.

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Camping in Clark Pampanga at Clearwater Resort

Camping in Clark Pampanga at Clearwater Resort

All the expensive fancy camping equipment in the world is not going to make your Glamping in the Philippines a fun experience if you choose the wrong camping grounds. Good sites near Manila for Glamping in the Philippines are still hard to find. Resorts and hotels in Pampanga and other parts of the Philippines have not shown much enthusiasm for camping guests.

For a resort to be suitable for Glamping near Manila, it has to offer vast outdoor spaces and good natural amenities as well. Good news is that there is a resort hotel in Clark Pampanga that is suitable for Glamping in the Philippines.

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The famous lake in Clark Pampanga Philippines

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Good luck to you on your next Glamping trip in the Philippines

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