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Glamping may look fun on paper (and pictures) but campers who do not make adequate preparations before going on a glamping trip in the Philippines may be asking for trouble. There are things that even frequent travelers take for granted when planning a getaway, a holiday out of town or even a trip that involves outdoor activities outside Manila. Campers planning to go glamping outside of Manila should make a comprehensive list of things to pack and bring on the trip well before embarking on the journey to the venue for glamping in the Philippines.

Here is a list of things that campers should think about when they pack for their next glamping trip in the Philippines.

Don’t forget a shovel and a small hammer

Camping Things:
Don’t forget tent repair kit, duct tapes, extra rope and spare lighting and even though you have excellent lighters, it doesn’t hurt to bring some matches along either.

Cooking Equipment:
One of the things that many campers forget is the can opener. Bring an extra one, a different type, just in case. By the way, did you forget about ice? Whatever you do, never forget to bring lots and lots of garbage bags with you go glamping.

Sleeping things:
Many campers in the Philippines wish they had brought along something important – eye masks. Your tents are not going to mask out all the light beating down on your at dawn, the time you really wish nature could just leave you be for another 30 minutes or so. Eye mask is almost essential for glamping in the Philippines.

Other Gadgets:
If you have chosen a good venue for glamping in the Philippines, then you are within easy reach of an electrical outlet where you can charge all your survival electronics like phones and tablets. Solar chargers are highly recommended to show off your glamping grade.

First Aid:
Glamping might have taken the roughing aspects out of camping and replaced it with glamour and a good measure of luxury, but that first aid kit is still going to be your best friend when you go glamping in the Philippines. And unless you are really immune to heat exhaustion, bring along a few cans of Evian sprays to keep the skins moist and hydrated. Alcohol wipes and hand sanitizers are almost required when glamping in the Philippines.

Here are some articles that can help you prepare better for your next glamping outing in the Philippines.

Titled “The Ultimate Camping List”, it gives campers in the Philippines a good idea of what to bring on a glamping trip outside Manila.

Camping in Clark Pampanga at Clearwater Resort

Camping in Clark Pampanga at Clearwater Resort

All the expensive fancy camping equipment in the world is not going to make your Glamping in the Philippines a fun experience if you choose the wrong camping grounds. Good sites near Manila for Glamping in the Philippines are still hard to find. Resorts and hotels in Pampanga and other parts of the Philippines have not shown much enthusiasm for camping guests.

For a resort to be suitable for Glamping near Manila, it has to offer vast outdoor spaces and good natural amenities as well. Good news is that there is a resort hotel in Clark Pampanga that is suitable for Glamping in the Philippines.

Click here to contact for more information about Glamping in Pampanga.
Clearwater Resort
Creekside Road near Centennial Expo,
Central business District, Clark Freeport,
Clark Zone, Pampanga, Philippines 2023

Tel: (045)599-5949 or 0917-520-4403

The famous lake in Clark Pampanga Philippines

Clearwater Resort Manila Sales Office
3003C East Tower, Philippines Stock Exchange Center,
Exchange Road, Ortigas Center, Pasig
Metro Manila, Philippines 1605

Tel: (632) 633-1566 or 0916-782-2643 or 0917-826-8790
Good luck to you on your next Glamping trip in the Philippines

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