Hotel in Clark Pampanga Sometimes Allows Pets


Good hotels in Philippines that allow guests to bring their pets are hard to find. Most hotels in Clark Pampanga do not allow pets to enter. There is one notable exception.

Clearwater Resort is one of the hotels n Clark Pampanga that allow guests to bring their pets. Advanced permission from the resort’s management is required and only some of the cabins and cottages of this hotel in Clark permit pets.

One of the reasons that Clearwater can allow pets while other hotels in Clark Pampanga cannot is because this resort has big outdoor space. Cabins and lodges are also far apart so that guests of this hotel who bring pets can stay in one suitable location of this resort without disturbing other guests of the hotel who do not like pets around.

Visitors planning to bring along a small pet to stay in this hotel in Clark Pampanga should first obtain permission during reservation. Only a few cottages allow pets. Guests are responsible for keeping the pets within those areas of the resort.

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