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Organizers and human resource departments in Manila companies are busy planning their upcoming company outings and teambuilding events in and around Manila for the summer months. Learning from past experiences of holding outings and trips for groups in public theme parks and resorts outside Manila offering cheap rates, trip planners and event organizers are particular careful when selecting a suitable resort or hotel as a venue for company outings and team buildings this summer.

Team Building Activities in Clearwater Resort Clark Pampanga Philippines

Well regarded by Philippines travel agencies and Manila event organizers as one of the best event venue for team building and other corporate and social group activities, Clearwater Resort is one of the best resorts in Pampanga that offers over ten exclusive venues for group sizes ranging from 50 to 3000. Each venue offers unmatched privacy making Clearwater a preferred destination for company events such as team building and company outings outside of Manila. Added to the packages and offerings for companies in Pampanga and Manila to conduct their team building exercises in Clark, Pampanga are these programs which are carefully designed by professional facilitator Mr. Chito Gallego who brings to the event over a decade of hands-on experience with all sorts of team building events.


The DTX program is designed as an introductory learning experience for organizations, learning institutions, and private companies who value the development of their human resources.

This day course explores the basic elements of teambuilding covering the areas of planning, organizing, leading, and controlling a team. The activities are designed to challenge and bring out the best among the individuals and the group as a whole.

Team building activities in Clark, Pampanga

At the end of the day, the DTX program through the internal processing of activities would allow participants to better appreciate their role as an individual and as a team member.


The CAX challenge program is customized primarily for small, medium, and large corporate accounts whose main objective is to strengthen the existing teams within the organization. This program is relevant when there is reorganization in the company, merger with a bigger organization, and other internal and external corporate changes involving the company.

The 2D/1N overnight program will expose participants to team based challenges and initiatives to include leadership, risk-taking, communication, and professional renewal.

Private and exclusive outdoor venues for outings and team building at Clearwater


The OBX is a professional based teambuilding experience addressing the needs of experienced and senior professionals in various organizations and in the corporate world.

The 3D/2N experience is tough by design and its holistic approach involves the physical, emotional, mental, and psychological challenges. Participants are given the opportunity to re-examine their role as leaders and as team members within the hierarchy of their organization.

This is the premium product training program offering designed to transform the individual and the team attitude towards corporate excellence.

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Enjoying the beautiful lake of Clearwater Resort in Clark, Pampanga

Clearwater Resort and Country Club
Creekside Road near Centennial Expo,
Clark Freeport, Pampanga Philippines 2023
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It took Philippines team building facilitators a little while but many event organizers have finally caught on to the wonderful effects of using camping as the centerpiece for corporate team building events.
Glamping in Philippines Tents at Clearwater Resort

Glamping in Philippines Tents at Clearwater Resort

After many years of more or less the same kind of ideas for team building, facilitators have finally come up with something new, exciting and cost effective. This year many team building events in the Philippines will involve camping. Some will opt for something a little more comfortable and go for a concept called glamping which means glamorous camping.

Teambuilding facilitators have discovered one resort in Clark Pampanga that is perfectly suited to camping events for corporate team building. This teambuilding facility in Clark is Clearwater Resort. This resort offers a full line of glamping equipment from tents of varying sizes to different types if sleeping gear from mats, bags to air beds.

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Getting to this beach resort in Pampanga Angeles City Clark Philippines
After entering Clark Freeport from Dau and Angeles City, proceed straight along the main highway MA Roxas, passing the stand-along wine shop called Clark Wine Center on the right, continue to bear right making no turns at all, go past Mimosa Leisure Estate on the opposite side of the road, one will hit a major intersection. Go straight and the road becomes Creekside Road. YATS Clearwater Resort and Country Club is on the right just 200m down.

Swimming in the lagoon by the white sand beach of Clark

Experienced event organizers place safety, law and order and privacy as the most important criteria for selecting a suitable venue outside Manila. They realize that unpleasant incidences can ruin the entire event causing anxiety among participants and taking all the fun away from a summer outing outside Manila. These event planners are no longer attracted to cheap package trips that promise much more than the resort or hotel can actually deliver. These packages invariably result in disappointments and complaints from the participants attending these company outings outside Manila.

Guests of past events have frequently praised their event organizers for the choice of venues. One of the most frequently cited reasons is the unique ambience that our properties in Clark offered. They were referring to not just the ambience of natural charm and beauty of the lake and picnic grounds but the general ambience of a country park. Clearwater for example, is a striking contrast to a busy city like Manila. It is not about the beach or the swim spots, not even the picnic grounds and other facilities of the resort. It is really the general feeling of being in a place that doesn’t force you to have to do something other than to relax, unwind and enjoy nature.

Here are some factors that event organizers are particular concerned about when asked to select a good destination for a company event such as corporate outing and team building, outside of Manila. Although the north is a highly convenient and rather attractive as a location for group outings and team building, event planners look at underlying issues when deciding on which hotel or resort to hold an event in Pampanga.

Outback tent hotel room in Clearwater Resort


While participants pay attention only to the fun side of things, organizers as well as the management look out for their safety and wellbeing throughout the event. Although no one can guarantee absolute safety for their guests, the nature and location of the venue play a significant role in reducing exposure to safety risks. Here are some of safety advantages offered by our properties in Clark:

1. Clark Freeport itself is well known among event planners as a destination that has the lowest crime rate. Even the 60-minute journey to Clark offers not only the comfort of the refurbished NLEX-ScTex highway but it also means that it eliminates potential hazards of travelling on roads through small towns along the way. Once the bus gets on NLEX, the next exit would be Clark itself.
2. Properties of Yats in Clark like Clearwater Resort and Country Club for example are private establishments. Access is naturally restricted and as such, members and guests enjoy a sense of exclusivity while inside this property. Less interaction with the general public further reduces potential safety and security risks.

Family Inn Rooms in Brunello Picnic Grounds


Clark is probably one of the most accessible event destinations outside of Manila not only in terms of distance but the quality of the journey. As mentioned about the direct link from Manila to Clark is all covered by expressways, not only does this make the journey by bus extremely comfortable, it makes the time of arrival very accurate. In other words, your event starts on time instead of one or two hours late because of some unforeseen traffic holdup in one of the towns that the journey takes you through.

The 60-minute journey from Metro Manila to Clark means even more to day-trip excursions. The extra 2 to 3 hours of time saved from the journey means more time to enjoy the facilities. Participants arrive fresh and ready for action instead of feeling exhausted and worn out from a long and tedious journey.

Hot Line for what else is happening in Clark: 045 889-5151 or 0927-940-2669 and ask for Loydha or Jeramie

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Elegant Dining at Yats Restaurant

Staying in a good hotel or resort in Pampanga Clark Philippines, it might be a good idea to enjoy an evening of wine-and-dine in the deluxe and luxurious fine dining Yats Restaurant and Wine Bar that features an award winning 2700-line wine list. This luxurious restaurant is located in the safe and secured compounds of Mimosa Leisure Estate of Clark Freeport Zone. For more information, visit

YATS Leisure Philippines is a developer and operator of clubs, resorts and high-class restaurants and wine shops in Clark Angeles Philippines

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Famous Wine Shop in Pampanga Clark Wine Center

While staying in some of the best hotels in Clark, one might as well add to the itinerary a visit to the famous Clark Wine Center, the largest wine shop in Philippines which offers over 2000 selections of fine vintage wine from all wine regions, vintages spanning over 50 years covering all price ranges.

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Have a safe and pleasant trip to Clark!

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