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Clearwater Resort and Country Club is regarded by travelers from Manila and tourists from major cities in Asia, America, Australia and America as one of the places to go in Pampanga. Visitors traveling to North Luzon often stop and rest in this hotel in Clark. Many visitors from Manila going to Angeles City, Subic and Pampanga make plans to relax and unwind in the famous lake of Clark, spend a night at one of the cabins and cottages in this frequently visited resort in Clark. Responding to questions and comments from guests of this hotel in Clark, Clearwater Resort regularly rolls out special programs and promotions to allow more visitors to enjoy the laidback leisure lifestyle that the resort offers. Please log on regularly to this web site to check for special deals, discounts, promotions and attractive packages from this hotel resort in Clark, Pampanga, Philippines.

Day-tour Teambuilding Event in Clark Pampanga

Pampanga Clark Freeport Is the Preferred Destination For One-day Teambuilding and Company Outing Event Outside of Metro Manila         ACCESSIBILITY AND RELIABILITY ARE KEY TO DAY-TOUR EVENTS   Although this resort in Clark offers overnight accommodation in the form of cottages, lodges, villas and cabins, to event organizers and team building facilitators, [...]

Large venues for Team Building in Clark Pampanga

LARGE OUTDOOR VENUES IN CLARK PAMPANGA For 200 to 5000 participants Teambuilding and Corporate Outings Just 90 minutes from Manila, right here at Clark Freeport, Pampanga         LARGE PRIVATE OUTDOOR EVENT VENUE   Although this resort in Clark offers overnight accommodation in the form of cottages, lodges, villas and cabins, to event [...]

菲律宾克拉克 CLEARWATER 渡假酒店

游览 CLEARWATER 渡假酒店         CLEARWATER设计目的是保存大自然為主题, CLEARWATER 不是一個豪華五星渡假勝地. 在這個渡假酒店內的所有設施全都是為了提供宽阔户外空间和设备及鬆閒的氛圍, 期於吸引热爱大自然的游客及進一步希望能够提供給蒙受高度日常生活壓力的都市居住者一點悠闲时间和卸壓的机会, CLEARWATER 也迎合本地企業利用它的多種适合团队建设 (TEAMBUILDING) 运用的户外會場和設施. 企業活動主持人非常喜歡這裡的環境因為它自然地讓參加者們放鬆心情充份投入团队建设的種種活動.         CLEARWATER 位於马尼拉近郊受欢迎渡假目的地名克拉克自由港 (CLARK FREEPORT). 遊客和本地人一致認同克拉克為菲律宾最安全都市, 犯罪率最低, 秩序优秀. 居民随和好客,有礼貌. 马尼拉至克拉克的旅程完全走高速公路, 通顺安稳的旅行. 大城市的交通擁塞, 污染及其它無數的煩擾在克拉克自由港皆不存在. 然而克拉克具備一般大城市的公用設施包括醫院購物中心等等. 這個自由港提供好幾個娛樂賭場外。 CLEARWATER 面積十萬平方米, 可分为兩節. 靠近渡假酒店入口是湖泊部分. 这部分包括淡三约萬平方的米淡水湖, 一個小白沙灘和幾個水池. 除了游泳以外, 比較常見的休閒活動包括划船, 舠, 钓鱼, 骑自行车等等. 另一節位於渡假酒店的后部, 可以描述為郊野花园. 这部分具有許多大樹, 比较安静和自然, 适合露营, 漫步溜達, 放松神經的休閒活動.     [...]

Team Building Venues in Pampanga Clark

WHY IS CLARK PAMPANGA THE DESTINATION OF CHOICE For Team Building and Other Corporate and Social Events Outside of Manila?   The list of reasons is long. It starts off with safety and security at the top, followed by accessibility. Just ask any professional teambuilding facilitator or an experienced corporate and social event planner and [...]


For this year’s Holy Week and Easter Holidays in the Philippines, Manila residents can take advantage of the Holy Week Round-trip Package Tour, a stress-free way to celebrate a special Holy Saturday in comfort.         HOLY WEEK SATURDAY CLARK EXCURSION PACKAGE   Available on Saturday 26th March, 2016 Package Tour Price p1,300 [...]

Camping for Teambuilding in Clark Pampanga

Companies in the Philippines are turning to their teambuilding facilitators and event organizers to come up with new ideas to make their company outings and team building events more effective. Corporate event planners in Manila are searching for new ways to make their team building events more stimulating. One resort in Clark Pampanga has announced [...]

Packages for teambuilding camping in Clark Pampanga

Here are some options and packages for camping-style teambuilding events at Clearwater Resort in Clark Pampanga. In addition to these packages, there are other options and add-ons that can be offered at extra costs. Please contact Clearwater Resort for more details. The following packages using a group size of 100 persons as an example for [...]

Weekly rentals in Clark Pampanga

WEEKLY RENTAL AT CLEARWATER RESORT IN CLARK PAMPANGA     What started as a program for Manila residents stressed from living and working in a crowded city, to enjoy a reprieve with a short get away to popular vacation destination, Pampanga Clark Freeport Zone, has turned into a lifestyle fad. Manila residents, young working couples [...]

Glamping at Clearwater Resort in Clark Pampanga on May 24 and 25

It appears that Manila residents have discovered another new reason to get out of the crowded city. For much needed reprieve from the pollution and stress of living and working in that congested city, families pack their camping gears, head north out of town for new experience called Glamping.         Leading newspaper [...]

Hotel in Clark Pampanga Promotion Package

Sizzling Hot Summer Months Holiday Packages offered by Hotel in Clark Pampanga.     Clearwater Resort beckons Manila residents to bring their families for a trip out of town to the North and spend some quality time in our wonderful city of Clark Freeport Zone in Pampanga Philippines. As an extra reason to choose Clark [...]


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