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Several styles of accommodations exist in various locations in Clearwater, each offering a different experience. Rooms are basic but functional, comfortable but not luxurious, cozy and quite spacious. Rates vary slightly. In addition to these hotel-styled lodgings, Clearwater offers camping grounds in the Brunello Gardens for guests to pitch their own tents.

Many visitors describe Clearwater Resort as a unique hotel in Clark Philippines not only because of the ambience created by the hotel lake, beach and picnic grounds but also the many styles of hotel rooms available throughout this resort. Each hotel accommodation such as the hotel's lodge by the lake for example, offers a distinct ambience and rustic charm that creates a different experience. Clearwater Resort is indeed different from other hotels and resorts in Clark Philippines and Angeles City. It is a hotel inside a clean and quiet suburban country park. Hotel rooms are basic and functional, no fancy decoration, just the basic hotel amenities.

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The best hotel in Clark Pampanga is one that offers a good rendition of the lifestyle that Clark Philippines is famous for.  Generally regarded as the best hotel in Clark by tourists and visitors from Manila and Subic, Clearwater Resort and Country Club gained popularity among family travelers especially those with kids.  Travel agencies and event organizers cite several key virtues as reasons for highly recommending this hotel in Clark to their customers, in particular those with children who need outdoor facilities to keep them entertained while parents rest and unwind during a vacation or a short holiday from work.

Many visitors travelling to Clark for a vacation getaway from Manila to unwind and relax away from the city are pleasantly surprised to find a nice beach with white sand in Pampanga.  A number of weddings took place around this area which is called the Discovery Cove of Clearwater Resort.  Beach wedding ceremony takes place on the white sand and the outdoor garden reception is held for 100 to 500 in the lawn areas just meters away. 

A small swimming pool and a swimming lagoon are attached to the beach. Together, these swim spots make for a complete day in the waters for all members of a family.  Near the beach and pools are the Lakeside Lodges which are among the highly recommended lodgings and hotel accommodation in Clearwater Resort.  Visitors to Angeles City, Pampanga, Clark Philippines frequently visit this resort to enjoy the beach and swimming pools.  Many spend the night to enjoy the ambience of the resort some more.  This hotel is one of the best getaway place outside of Manila.

Water sports are a popular past time in this private resort in Pampanga.  Aside from the 3-hectare fresh water lake on which guests can relax and unwind on kayaks and rowboats while others hang out along the shores to do some fishing, this frequently visited resort in Clark Pampanga also offers many picnic grounds where the whole family can relax and enjoy the outdoors together.  This is the best resort in Clark Pampanga for family bonding or a quiet retreat from the stress of living in a city like Manila.

The 3000-square-meter wading pond called the Family Cove is frequently used for company outings, family picnics, team building and other corporate and personal functions and events that involve some water activities and sports.  Water volleyball and other games and water sports are highly popular in this facility.  At the side, there is a snack bar that can serve food and beverages during a function and event at this venue.


Residents or Manila travel out of town to head north to Pampanga to relax, unwind and spend a few nights in the new hotel rooms situated right on the lake of Clearwater Resort in Clark Airbase.   Many visitors and tourists enjoy the feeling of waking up by the lake.  The sunrise produces a spectacular sight with the sunlight reflection on the calm surface of the three-hectare fresh water lake of this famous resort in Clark.

Hotel Accommodation in this top rated resort in Clark Pampanga is different from the best hotels in Angeles City Philippines.  The Lake House of this resort in Clark for example is a cluster of two medium-sized deluxe twin rooms, a deluxe single room and a one-bedroom suite and adjoins one of the twin rooms making it a good choice of lodging for big families.  The Lake House of Clearwater Resort is becoming a very popular choice of accommodation for vacation rentals as well as weekend getaways from Manila.  These cabins are located near the reception and the alfresco Clearwater Breakfast Garden and Café which is a popular place for tourists and visitors to Clark to enjoy a good breakfast in Clark Pampanga.

Top rated destination for family reunion, bonding, retreat, picnic and getaway out of town from Manila is Clearwater Beach Resort; frequently visited spots are lake, picnic grounds; water sports, boating, swimming, kayak, camping.  The private resort's child friendly facilities are attractive to Manila residents and family tourists also.

The best resort in Clark Pampanga offers more than just hotel rooms and some outdoor amenities.  What makes this hotel in Clark special and different from the best resorts in Angeles City Pampanga and Manila is that it offers a different kind of ambience.  For example, this resort in Clark Pampanga has one of the largest herb gardens in North Luzon.  The Herb Garden of this private resort in Pampanga also serves as an event venue for company outings, family picnics, team building and other outdoor corporate and social functions.  The river provides a high degree of privacy for this venue making it an attractive option for wedding planners to consider the Herb Garden Picnic Grounds as a possible choice for garden style wedding receptions also.

What really defines the ambience and lifestyle of this private outdoor resort in Clark is its spacious picnic grounds.  The largest one is called the Brunello Garden which can easily accommodate functions and events for 3000 or more.  Being several hectares in area, this amenity of Clearwater Resort is frequently visited for family picnics.  Visitors from Manila travel to Clark to unwind and relax underneath old Acacia trees in the Brunello Gardens.  This is one way for stressed out city residents to spend quality time in a leisure laidback pace.  Frequent visitors from Manila keep coming back to this resort in Clark to enjoy the green nature and the beautiful ambience of Clearwater which has a calming effect on visitors and guests.  Overnight guests often get up early in the morning to watch the sunrise over the beautiful lake of Clark before enjoying a sumptuous breakfast at the semi-alfresco Clearwater Café and Breakfast Garden, one of the most popular family restaurant café in Angeles City and Clark Philippines.

Best hotel in Angeles City Pampanga caters especially to family travelers with children by offering safe and secure outdoor picnic grounds that kids love to play in while parents relax and unwind by the beautiful lake in Clark, enjoying the peace and quiet of the leisure lifestyle of Angeles City Clark Philippines, the only resort in Angeles City Philippines that can offer this kind of relaxing experience many visitors from Manila look for when they travel out of town from Manila on a getaway to Clark Subic

In keeping up with the reputation of being the best resort in Clark Pampanga, Clearwater upgrades it outdoor facilities, now offering more than the lake, beach and swim spots but also picnic grounds, camp sites and other outdoor amenities making it the best hotel in Clark Pampanga for families with children and visitors from Manila looking to enjoy the outdoor lifestyle and to relax and unwind after all the stress from work.  Stress is a problem that many families living in Manila find it hard to deal with.  Even residents of Angeles City Pampanga need to get away from the traffic and pollution of a crowded city to unwind and relax in a peaceful, quiet, safe and secure hotel and resort in Pampanga.  Foreign owned Clearwater Resort is frequently visited by visitors and tourists needing to get away from stress and pressure of living and working in a city.  They bring their families and children to enjoy outdoor activities in the best hotel in Angeles City and private resorts in Pampanga to relax and unwind, hoping to shake the stress away before leaving Clark Philippines to return to Manila.


Tourists and local residents of Manila and Angeles City laud Clearwater as the best resort in Clark Pampanga, citing as the main reasons, clean and large outdoor space, beautiful ambience, a sense of privacy and exclusivity and the beautiful lake in Clark; many company outings, team building events and other picnics and functions are held here not to mention outdoor garden style weddings too, making this one of the best hotels in Pampanga.   Beautiful, cozy and romantic ambience are not the only qualities that make Clearwater well known as the best hotel in Angeles City Pampanga.  Other factors such as safety and security, a clean and peaceful resort that allows its guests to rest without feeling any pressure and stress play a big role in earning the top spot in the list of the best hotels and resorts in Pampanga Angeles City Clark Subic.

Places to go in Pampanga, visit the foreign owned private resort in Clark Philippines, kids enjoy Clearwater Resort the most; conveniently located near Manila and Subic.  Field Trip Destination near Manila and the best venue for school outings and family picnics is Clearwater Resort located in Angeles City, Clark Philippines.  Clearwater is Pampanga’s tourist attraction that many consider to be the best tourist destination in the north.  Many visitors from Manila agree that this well known resort in Clark is one of the places to visit whenever they travel to the north for holiday or to attend an event.  Many travel agencies and tourist groups already know of Clearwater Resort as a good hotel in Clark Pampanga, a good place to stay when visiting Subic, Angeles City and Clark Philippines.

A good treat for holidays and a good place to unwind in the Philippines can be a trip to Clark Pampanga.  Visitors to Angeles City and Clark Subic can unwind and relax in the best resort in Pampanga Clearwater in Clark Philippines, a frequently visited hotel near Angeles City where kids can enjoy themselves playing in the safe and clean outdoor facilities.  Tourists looking for a place to go in Pampanga and holiday destinations in the Philippines highly recommend a day trip to this private resort in Clark Pampanga Philippines, the best hotel in Clark, a place with beautiful and peaceful ambience where guests can relax and unwind in safety.   Clearwater is generally regarded as the best hotel in Clark Pampanga and tourists traveling with children cannot agree with this more, as kids really love the safe and clean outdoor facilities of this private resort in Pampanga.  Manila residents, local and foreign tourists visiting Pampanga Angeles City Clark Philippines frequently visit the famous lake of Clark Freeport to enjoy the peace and quiet outdoor facilities of this resort in Angeles City Clark Subic.  Families with children organize reunion and retreat in the famous Clearwater Resort and Country Club, well recognized as the best hotel in Pampanga and a good deluxe resort to enjoy outdoor activities in a safe and secured place inside Clark Philippines.  This resort in Clark Pampanga is well know as a good place to go camping near Manila.

Hotel in Angeles City Pampanga offers several styles of hotel lodgings and accommodation each with a special and unique experience, some hotel rooms are by the famous beautiful lake in Clark Pampanga, others tugged in the picnic grounds shaded by large trees with a sense of privacy that is relaxing for guest of this top rated hotel in Angeles City Pampanga.  This resort is also the best place for friends to meet up in Clark Pampanga.  Here old school mates, friends from the past and new acquaintances can spend time together, bonding and unwinding by the beautiful lake of Clark while savoring the relaxing ambience of this outdoor resort in Pampanga.  Among the foreign owned hotels and resorts near Manila and Subic, Clearwater Resort is well known for catering to the family travelers visiting Pampanga. 

Manila families with small children looking for an accessible place for kids to have fun frequently visit private resort in Clark Pampanga to unwind relax in family bonding, top venue for reunion.  Planning a trip out of town with children requires selecting a good, safe and secured resort near Manila, a hotel in Pampanga that children can be safe and kids can enjoy the outdoor picnic grounds of the private resort also.  Clearwater is generally regarded as the best resort in Clark Pampanga for families with children, looking for a safe and clean destination for their trips out of Manila.  Clearwater Resort in Clark Pampanga is also a very popular choice by event organizers for school outings and field trips also.

Outdoor activities bring visitors from Manila and tourists from crowded Asian cities to the best resort in Clark Pampanga, one of the more frequently visited deluxe hotels near Angeles City, Subic and Clark Philippines.  Best resort in Pampanga offers more than hotel accommodation near Angeles City, Subic and Clark Philippines, but good outdoor facilities for kids to enjoy when family travelers go out of town from Manila on getaway to the north to visit Subic and Clark Freeport

Highly recommended place to bring children for holidays in Manila Philippines is Clearwater Resort in Clark Airbase.  This private resort in Pampanga near Manila where there are plenty of things to do for kids also.  Manila families travel north to Pampanga Clark throughout the whole summer, bringing their kids and small children to swim and enjoy the outdoors.  This frequently visited private resort in Pampanga is highly recommended by travel guides for family bonding, family reunions and other social events. 

Families with small children prefer outdoor hotel in Manila, clean and safe place in Pampanga Clark to bring kids to relax and unwind.  Outdoor space is an important criterion affecting the selection of a suitable hotel in Clark Pampanga for family bonding or to relax and unwind with friends.  Best hotel in Clark Pampanga offers good outdoor facilities, large picnic grounds, lake and beach and other outdoor amenities making it possible for guests of this frequently visited hotel in Clark to relax and unwind with no stress.


Families with small children prefer outdoor resort in Manila clean and safe place in Pampanga Clark to bring kids to relax and unwind.  Family bonding is much more effective and enjoyable in a private resort that offers large outdoor facilities, picnic grounds, beautiful scenery, peaceful and quiet ambience.

Highly recommended summer vacation destination outside Manila is Clearwater Beach Resort in Clark, a safe and convenient tourist spot that offers natural ambience for visitors to enjoy the outdoors with no stress.  Generally regarded as the best hotel in Clark Philippines, Clearwater Resort gives its guests a sense of safety, peacefulness and security, things that families and tourists look for when they plan a trip to Pampanga.  These are some of the virtues that tourists coming to the Philippines and visitors of Pampanga Clark Philippines look for.  That’s why most visitors prefer to stay at this top rated hotel in Clark whenever they make a trip out of town from Manila towards the north, Pampanga, Subic or Angeles city.

Travelers going north to Clark Pampanga look for enjoyable hotel for family bonding during summer vacation in Philippines.  Most prefer the privacy of an exclusive resort that offers outdoor amenities like beach, lake and picnic grounds so the whole family can spend quality time, lay back and rest with no stress.  Residents of Manila and other major cities in Asia come to Angeles City Clark Pampanga to get away from stress of work and living in crowded cities.  Here in Clark Philippines, tourists and visitors find peace and quiet in the laidback leisure lifestyle that makes Clark such a frequently visited destination for families with children.  This lifestyle is so relaxing that many visitors end up planning to retire in Clark Pampanga.

There are not that many private resorts in Pampanga that are suitable for families with children.  At Clearwater Resort, children enjoy the vast space while adults relax and unwind under large Acacia trees that can be found on the large picnic grounds of this top rated hotel in Clark.  No wonder, this hotel in Clark is one of the most popular and frequently visited resorts in Pampanga.  This private resort in Clark Philippines is safe, convenient and accessible by residents of Manila, Subic, Angeles City Pampanga and Cebu.  It is in this private place that visitors can enjoy a tranquil holiday, a stress free lifestyle, relax and unwind peacefully in calming spots inside Clark Pampanga.  Visitors feel that this is the best outdoor resort for a day-trip or quick getaway from Manila.

Families are also looking for places near Manila with white sand beaches in convenient location easily accessible from Manila.  Many travelers look to the north for places to swim and relax with children and friends.

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